BLOG ENTRY 11 | Jeff Fleming

June 14

I’ve been seeing all these great movies lately, and it makes me want to write a screenplay. I could so do that. I should do that. I could write one of those bro-mance movies. Totally. Here’s my title (a work in progress): Ralph and Niko: The Incredible Adventures of Two Guys Who Share an Apartment. Yeah, it’s a little long, but I’m thinking the Ralph and Niko part is in huge letters and the rest is like a subtitle. Like what they did with Zack and Mira Make a Porno. Where the Make a Porno part was super small, although that was probably more due to the fact that they chickened out… Anyway. Back to my screenplay: so the whole Incredible Adventures part is sort of ironic. Nothing really incredible happens, it’s just a sort of funny roommate movie about these two guys who are both (sort of) lovable losers, but in their own way. Ralph is your basic intelligent-but-scared-of-women character and Niko is the sharp-tongued-insensitive-ladies-man who probably is more bluff than tough. (Though I sincerely hope I don’t write him as having the ubiquitous “heart of gold.” I freakin’ hate that.)

I think it’ll be good. I have some great ideas bouncing around upstairs and I TOTALLY have their voices figured out. There’s this one scene that takes place at a party they have at their apartment… in fact the whole movie will take place IN their apartment. That’s gonna save a ton of money on production cost. Also, I was thinking that I could play Ralph. That way I could score the writer’s pay AND actor’s pay or I could offer the studio a deal and that would help with the overhead, as well. I’ll figure that out later.

It’s gonna be great. Really. I have some killer dialogue figured out already. Just have to write the thing and then BAM!


June 15

Maybe just Ralph and Niko: Apartment Adventures


June 16

Amazing Apartment Adventures?


June 17

The Amazing Apartment Adventure

Shit…I don’t know. Maybe just Ralph & Niko? 


June 24

I’ve been having a hard time getting all my freelance stuff done and in on time, so I’ve been venturing into the Land of Coffee. I’d done my caffeine thing in college, but it was mostly Cokes and Mt. Dew.

Man, coffee is the bomb.

I’ve been writing more and getting more done than ever. I don’t know how I got by without it. I mean, it’s just totally amazing the way it’s completely transformed the way I do stuff, the way I get stuff done. It’s a freakin’ revelation! Oh, Coffee, where have you been all my life? How did I ever get by without you? How did I ever get anything done? How did I even get up in the morning without that Venti cup of Super!?!


June 30

My boss says that lately my work reads like it was done by a crack addict.